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Best Leaf Bowl Trimmer for Medicinal Plants Buds

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Best Leaf Bowl Trimmer for Medicinal Plants Buds
lundi 17 janvier 2022 09:56:31
When hand trimming herb in trim jail, it can seem like it takes forever. Sure at the start it’s kind of fun , soon after not so much. With new products coming out all the time, and one of the best ways to save time out there is with a leaf bowl trimmer. This is more meant for the small grower who likes to trim their buds when slightly moist, and hang in a tray to dry. You can still use it with dry herb but be cautious. You will read more about his late on. It’s a time saver for some growers out there.

TrimIt Dry 1000 Pro automatic trimmer machine

1. TrimIt Dry 1000 is the next evolution among a generation of high volume dry trimmers. Its proven design and high quality materials combine to deliver higher quality trimming to your harvesting project.

2. The stainless steel exterior provides a clean look in addition to durability for outdoor use. Double plexi shields with magnets ensure that you remain safe during operation.

TrimPro TrimBox Leaf Trimmer Machine

1. Built on the same principles as the Trimpro Original, the TRIMBOX is designed for smaller producers. Easily mounted on any workbench with brackets & clamps (included), the lightweight Trimbox is very efficient and provides impressive results.

2. For trimming, take a branch of a freshly harvested plant in your hand and move it over the grate with a back-and-forth motion while rotating the plant at the same time.

Which one do you like best? If you also need the other Bud Leaf Trimmer, welcome to visit our official website:

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