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The Powerful LED Grow Lights 16% OFF Free Shipping

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The Powerful LED Grow Lights 16% OFF Free Shipping
samedi 27 novembre 2021 08:05:04
This Samsung LED grow lights system is set up like a lamp and allows for LED replacement bulbs for long-lasting use. It uses the right wavelengths to help encourage and promote plant growth. The grow light is easy to adjust and move to ensure all parts of the plant are receiving an equal amount of sunlight. It’s energy-efficient and saves money on electric bills.

ECO Farm 120W/240W/320W/480W/600W Quantum Board Samsung 301H+CREE 660nm+ LG 395nm+ CREE 730NM Chips Adjustable Quantum Board


1. High-efficiency white light quantum boards
2. Samsung LM301H+CREE 660nm+ LG 395nm+ CREE 730NM chips
3. Full spectrum grow light +UV IR for better results
4. Reliable passive cooled design, 10mm thickness plate

ECO Farm 320W/480W/650W/800W LED grow light Samsung LM301B


ECO Farm upgrades LED is a high-performance, full-cycle top-lighting solution for commercial horticulture cultivation, with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom. It was designed for commercial growers to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices along with sophisticated CO2 supplementation.

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