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The rules of buy email database Ads

Envoyé par shatikhatun 
The rules of buy email database Ads
mercredi 1 décembre 2021 08:39:44
If you run ad campaigns on buy email database Ads, this new feature may interest you. It is about creating rules to automate reactions to the behavior of an ad.

In your campaigns you will have noticed that buy email database proposes you to establish rules. Did you try them? They are useful when you handle a buy email database good number of ads and do not have time to review in detail the performance of each one, which can negatively affect your strategic decisions. To create a rule, find the corresponding button in your campaign manager:

Rules on facebook 2
Rules are simple operations that work logically. If your ad has such behavior, we ask Facebook to take an action. For example, when a promoted post reaches 500 reactions, we can automate the budget increase. It's a successful ad and we can invest more for better results.

In a first step, we must decide what action we are going to take. We can deactivate the ad, modify the budget or change the bid of our ad. We have the possibility that buy email database notify us with a notification about the changes made.

Rules on facebook 3
We then decide when that action will take place. Here we have a good number of conditions. For example, if we know that our agreed daily budget is 300 pesos, we can create a rule so that when it exceeds that figure, the campaigns are suspended. It's a simple way to avoid bad surprises from an ad that we forget and keep running.

Rules on facebook 4
Another example of how to take advantage of the rules of buy email database Ads: it is good that users see our ad several times, it is what we call frequency. If they see it three times on average, it means that the frequency is three, but if our ad exceeds that number, we can interrupt the broadcast or indicate that if our frequency is greater than five, the set of ads or the campaign is suspended.

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